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I wish I could remember every single moment of my children’s childhood. Like, bottle it all up and lock it away in my memory forever. This is such a crazy time of life right now but one I never want to forget. My girl is struggling with making new friends at school and it just breaks my heart. I want to spend all day with her and help all the kids play with her and be her friends but I can’t. This is something she has to go through on her own. I found out she at lunch with her brother today in his class and immediately I was worried it was because she doesn’t have friends in her class so they let her go down there but I was reassured it was just because another sibling went down there but still – my mama bear instincts are kicking in – how can I help my girl.

And for now I’m just going to love her and squeeze her tight and have special girl time with her. Today we had a dance party after dinner and I spun and spun and spun her around. Twirl after twirl. And then after bath I blew her hair dry and we played Critters and I loved having that 1×1 time with her. She tells me every day I’m her best friend forever and ever and I wonder how is it possible that this little gal really is my best friend too? I want to pinch myself every day – how in the world did I get so lucky to get her?

And then we have baby boy who seemingly in the last week has grown up and become the happiest, funniest, most daring child ever. He is now climbing all over everything – no fear all all for this kid. He also just learned how to say no. For a while now he knew how to shake his head but now he actually says it. At dinner I ask him if he wants anymore noodles – no! And tonight in the bath I ask him if he wants to get out? “No!” And yet I ask again and again because it’s so funny.

He has also become quite the little dancer and it’s the funniest thing. Any time he hears any music he stops and claps and shakes his booty. I want to just pause time and remember these moments forever. Yesterday at the dairy there was a guy singing and my to kids were out there dancing together and it really is like mg heart is going to explode. I love them so much and now seeing how much they love each other!

I could not ask for more perfect children and to have to opportunity to be their mom is the best gift I will ever receive.

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