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Checking out Vancouver, WA

Dad, Debra and Payton just moved to Vancouver which is awesome. They are now our closest family members and I am thrilled that the kiddos get to be around their grandparents and aunt. Chris was off at a boys weekend so I headed across the bridge with the kiddos to check out their new area.

I left the house at 8:45 (since that’s what you do when you’re alone with two kids who are up at 6am) and got there in 30 min. Garrity loves the guinea pigs so Chewbaca showed her how to give them a bath and cut their hair. After what we headed out for some coffee and 2nd breakfast. We went to Felida coffee house and it was great. The breakfast burritos were delicious and the coffee cake was so good, maybe even too good because it tasted like cake. We also got a baked oatmeal thing for Drew which was also good but he wasn’t really into it. Coffee was great too. Both kids were already wound up and danced around the sidewalk and basically all the patrons and workers had to walk around them. Drew also spent some time climbing on a gate so that was good.

After that we walked over and checked out the Felida community park and the kids loved it. Huge play toy with slides and a see through tube which reminded me of a hamster tunnel. I just loved seeing them play with Dad, Debra and Pay. Both kids loved it. And surprisingly they both cooperated and got back in the stroller without throwing fits.

We got back to the house and Drew took a nap (he actually passed out in the car) and then Gar made cookies with Payton while also making crafts while Dad and I had fun going through old pictures. When Drew woke up the two of them ran around the house like crazy and finally I had to get them out so we headed out to explore the Salmon Creek Greenway which was an awesome natural trail. It was super smoky out so the visibility wasn’t what it could have been but still so pretty. Also loved it when we were on our way out and realized Drew had thrown his shoe out somewhere on the path so Pay saved the day and ran back to find it. The other fun part was when Drew really started instigating Garrity and taking her blankie and pulling on her which set Garrity off and at then Drew started throwing his bobby on the group. It was a real scene. Couldn’t calm them down until I started singing camp tunes and we ended our walk with all of us singing “oh an ostrich went yodeling” which I’m sure would have been quite the sight for anyone watching us.

By the time we finished the trail it was 5:30 and I knew we were in meltdown mode but we did dinner anyway and Debra and Payton were in for a real treat. We went to Mt Tabor brewing and it was a hot mess for sure. Drew was crazy – tired, wanted to walk, hungry, really didn’t want to be there. He started out for about 2 minutes being occupied with crayons and then started banging the crayon bucket on the table which didn’t even phase me but we did start to get looks from other people (even though we were in the last table outside). I walked him out to the the car to get the carrier and came back to see Garrity biting Debra…she was up and down and all over the table so finally pulled out Peppa Pig to get her to calm down which Drew continued to be a nightmare. I pulled out every toy in the diaper bag I had but nothing occupied him like the stupid toy whistle and he was doing fine and then started banging it around and ended up flinging it ok my eye. It hurt so bad. It was awful. I wanted to cry. Debra and Payton felt so bad and I’m pretty sure the whole restaurant was looking at the scene we were making. The waiter even came over and offered us some pizza dough to try and keep the kids busy. It was seriously embarrassing how much of a scene we were making. Finally the food comes out and they had forgotten or not heard Drew’s order which just added to the chaos. But finally we eat (food was amazing) and get out of there.

Went back to Dad’s and gave Drew a bath while Garrity played hide and seek and loved it. It’s her new fave game to play. She did not want to leave. Told me to go with Drew and she’s stay there! Such a fun day and a huge help when I had no Chris. Can’t wait for many more Vancouver trips in the future.

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