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Some mornings just don’t go how you planned them…I was all jazzed because I got to bed before 11 and was all set to workout in the morning. Drew woke up a few times in the night which wasn’t too uncommon except that he’d been having a few really good nights. Chris got him back to sleep at whatever time he woke up and I thought all was cool when I got up to workout.

He woke up about 6:20 which wasn’t super uncommon. I went in, nursed him and changed him because he’d had a little poop. He was actually falling asleep on the changing table so I was able to rock him and get him back down and go back to my workout. But he was screaming about 5 min later so I got him and brought him back to the bonus room. He was ok for a few min and then pooped his pants again and I knew it was bad and went and changed him and found diarrhea but he seemed fine so I cleaned that up and brought him back to the bonus room, still trying to get that workout in!

I’m finally almost done, and Drew seemed ok, wandering around and all the sudden he starts puking. He’d been playing in the side table drawer and luckily(?) threw up right in the drawer.

Poor guy. Lots more throw up the rest of the day but finally seemed to stop throwing up around 2. I hated seeming him so sad but also loved all the extra snuggles. He nursed all day and just wanted to be held and I loved it.

In the afternoon he started to bounce back to his normal self and I’m super glad we made it through his first big throw up adventure.

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