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Drew’s first boat ride

Dad got home from China and we were going to have a low key Sunday and then the Duncan’s invited us out on the boat so of course we said yes! We’d taken Gar out on the boat before and knew she would do great but were a little worried about Drew. Turns out he loved it!!! The only time he got fussy was when dad and Gar were getting in the water and he wanted to too. Once Chris dipped his toes in the water he was great.

I wore in him the carrier for most of the ride just to make sure he didn’t jump out but I think it also kept him pretty chill. I loved having him just relax on me. Boats and water are my happy place and always take me back to Summit Lake days so to get the opportunity to share it with my kids is amazing. We are so thankful that the Duncan’s share their boat with us!!

Gar also loves the boat. She loved watching all the guys wake skate and was super proud of her dad. She also loved sitting up at the front and going super fast on the way home.

We boated up the Columbia and had dinner on the water and then came home. Pretty epic Sunday.

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