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Garrity May – 24 months!! 2.27.16

Oh baby girl.  You are two!  The absolute best two years of my entire life :)

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Not our best photo session but we’ll have to take it.  These were taken about a week after your actual birthday, more of a formality than anything.  Your birthday party was on your actual birthday so those pics will come up in another post.  Plus I think these are going to be the last round of photos where we use actual date stickers.  I don’t think they even go up farther than this plus you just aren’t the biggest fan of them.  Lots of sticker in your mouth photos haha.

So my girl is two.  My little baby girl is now a full-blown toddler.  And every day is seriously more and more fun with you.  I love this phase.  I thought I loved the baby phase and just about every phase before this one and maybe I did and am just forgetting things but I loooooove where we’re at now.  I love that we can chat and you understand me and I for the most part understand you.  You’re learning new words every single day and I just love it!  You’ve also started to throw more regular fits but in the grand scheme of things they seem relatively far apart so I’m fine with it.  Just a part of life.

Couple of logistical notes – at your 2 year apt you weighed 23.3 pounds and were 33.5 inches tall. Pretty light in the 18th or so percentile for weight and around the 3oth for height. You have quite a few teeth but haven’t gotten your 2 year molars yet and still don’t have your “eye” teeth or whatever they’re called.  You are finally getting a decent amount and hair and we’re guessing it’s going to be curly.  It’s in this wild mullet phase and Chris desperately wants to cut it but I’m not letting him.  We’ve also been getting it up into a “pony” but you’re pretty picky about when you’ll let us do that.

I’d say your favorite friend is Juliette at school, at least you talk the most about her.  However, sadly she moved to Europe at the end of February (but spoiler alert – Elodie joined our class and so far you guys seems to be loving each other). You love to slide in your playroom, still obsessed with neighs and the dairy in general.  More focus on feeding the “quackies” lately than Felipe and Bullet but we’re still going up there every day that doesn’t rain.

You’ve started to get super picky about food which drives me nuts.  For breakfast you have oatmeal, blueberries and honey – on both the oatmeal and blueberries.  You call oatmeal Opa and are obsessed with it. A few times we’ve even had to have opa for dinner.  Other than that I don’t know if you have a favorite food.  You love cheese.  Any kind of cheese including various flavors of cheese crumbles.  You also love cheese and PB crackers from Horizon food.  We should buy stock in these things because we have to have some in the car for after school snacks or you throw a massive fit.  Dinners have become harder and harder because you’re so hit and miss.  Quesadillas and Mac and Cheese use to be good standbys but those aren’t even cutting it lately.  I think you just don’t want to eat a lot a night.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  We’ve had some luck with grilled chicken with BBQ or honey mustard sauce and one day recently you sat on the counter and ate all the sweet potato fries before I could even get them on your plate. You hate pretty much all veggies which kills me.  I try and try with broccoli, peas, green beans, carrots, celery…nothing.  You just won’t touch them.  I’m hoping as summer rolls around we can grill more things and you’ll be more into them.  You do love our morning smoothies which have spinach in them so you’re getting some greens there.

Gosh, how do I capture everything you are right now.  You are random dance parties in the kitchen with lots of hopping.  You catch us off-guard when you say things like “thanks for making me dinner daddy.”  or “thanks for coming Dado.” You have a crazy good memory like what color’s Dado’s car is or what color Chewbaca’s car was.  You recently started singing songs in the car.  Your favorite has been wheels on the bus but we replace it with kids from your class (Adam on the bus goes “I like you.”) and you also make me sing that song to you in the bath.  You love laying down in the water so your ears are completely submerged and then I sing to you over and over.  So cute.

You’re a great sleeper.  We had that slight blimp over the holidays but you’ve seemed to have gotten over it.  We usually put you to bed between 7:30-8 and you wake up between 7-7:30.  Forever we had been reading you stories in the chair and then putting you into your crib but after a random bout of wakeups we just put you in your crib and then sit on the floor and read you books.  We also added a fan into your room and play that instead of the pandora music.  You also have to have “woofie” in your room when you fall asleep.  You’re still in the crib but we’re working on finding a way out of it.  We need it for baby brother so it’s hard finding when we need to move you out.  We also decided we’re just going to get you a new queen mattress as opposed to going with a toddler or twin bed.  And you’re getting better on the potty.  We actually bought you some big girl undies and tried them on at the beach (you were a few weeks over 2 actually) and you had a few accidents but I think you overall get the concept.  We just need to work more on it but with all the other transitions we need to choose our battles.  And speaking of transitions we’re slowly phasing out the Bobby. We wanted to cut it out cold turkey but knew that wouldn’t happen so we went the route that as soon as you’d chewed through all of them they’d be gone.  You ended up chewing through it on our last night in Bend so we started the drive home without it and it got so bad we pulled in to the grocery store in Sisters and bought you a new clear bobby.  It’s now only for naps and bedtime and the Dr. helped us out by saying that as well and now you say “Doctor says” when we talk about your bobby.  We also said that when baby brother is here you need to give him your bobby so we’ll see how that goes.

You’re also super observant.  Always taking everything in. You’ve also just started to parrot things we say and you can tell you’re going to like to test your boundaries.  I like it when you call me mama or mommy but the other day you started calling me mom because you knew it bugged me.  You are still totally a mama’s girl and that it tough for Chris.  He tries and tries and tries to get you to spend time with you and you still prefer your mama.  We’re working on finding ways to help with this so you’re a bit nicer to him.  Poor guy just wants to love on you and you just won’t let him.  I know this is a normal phase but I think it’s likely exacerbated by the fact that I’m preggo.  And speaking of preggo, you’re slowing starting to talk more about your little brother.  I think you still get a little confused on if he’s a boy or girl because there has been quite a bit of “sissy” talk and you still think his name is Jo-Jo.  You’ve even asked my why you’re getting a brother and not a sissy which kills me!  I just explain that Jesus wanted us to have a baby brother and that mama has a brother but not sure if you get it totally yet.  I try to get you to feel by belly but usually you just poke me really hard or scratch my belly button so not sure we’re there yet.


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21 Day Fix Eating Plan Explained

The 21 Day fix workout program is my jam.  It’s the first program I did when I started my post-baby weight workout plan.  And while I don’t have exact numbers for how much weight I lost on it, between the 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme, I lost 45 pounds in about 9 months – and ended up weighing less than I did when I got pregnant with my daughter!  And while I’ve done a great job loosing 35 pounds from pregnancy #2, I really need to reign in my diet.  Thanks to some snow days and Christmas and New Years some of the weight has started to creep back on so I’m going back to strictly following this meal plan.

Initially this container eating plan was strictly for 21 Day Fix but in the 2 plus years since I started on my Beachbody journey, this meal plan has now morphed into “portion fix” and is the eating plan that most workout programs recommend.

If you’ve signed up for a BB program either through buying the DVDs or through Beachbody on Demand you should have the program guide to help you navigate through this meal plan.  But if you don’t, or you have questions or need help, this post is for you! Sidenote – I am always available to help answer any questions you might have about this meal plan, BB programs or anything fitness related.

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Get any Beachbody workout ever created!!!

Hey guys, just jumping on to remind you that the most amazing Beachbody challenge pack ever is launching on the 27th. You get a year of Beachbody OnDemand plus a month of Shakeology and food portion containers for $199. 

If you added all of these workouts up separately this would normally cost you over $6000. We’re talking access to P90X, 21 Day Fix, Core De Force, Insanity, PIYO, Cize, Country Heat, Hammer & Chisel…and so much more! You guys, it’s just amazing. These are all the programs I love and the programs {and superfood nutrition} that has helped me loose over 85 pounds.

I’m also starting my “New Year, Best You” 30 day bootcamp on January 9th so you’ll get to do your workouts with awesome accountability and support from other people and me as a coach for any of the programs you choose. 

Leave a comment or email me at and let’s make 2017 you’re best year yet. 

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Special moment at Zoo Lights

We went to Zoo Lights tonight and that deserves a longer post but I don’t quite have time for all of that here but what I do want to write about is a super special moment that I saw from Garrity.  One of the main reasons we went to Zoo Lights was so that she could meet Bethen’s daughter Chloe who has the exact same birthday as her.  It took them a while to warm up but once they did, Gar was super smitten.  The two of them (and sister Maddie) were running around, checking out the lights and looking for animals.  And at one point Chloe fell down.  We weren’t quite sure how it happened but she was pretty upset – crying, wanting her dad.  So he carried her for quite a while and Gar was still super concerned about it.  Eventually Chloe explained that her knee was hurt and at this point everyone was up ahead and I was pushing the stroller with Drew and Gar was behind me.


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